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>> welcome back. two minutes till the top of the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. looks like the seven-year itch has been krafpd. a study from the marriage foundation found the more years a couple has been together the more likely they are going to stay together for good. that's good. up next, the bad. that's the baltimore raven running back ray rice falling off a float during the team's super bowl celebration parade. you can see the float stop short, rice takes a tumble on to the streets but he wasn't hurt. so that's good. finally, the ugly. more than 2,000 snakes, heather, found on a flight from thailand to hong kong. they were hidden inside foam containers. that is the second snake story of the day. >> this time for your brew
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on your question of the day responses. we did a recap of the we can's best viral videos. we wanted to know which one we showed you was your favorite. >> josh tweeted us. he says my favorite video is the one where the guy trips. >> michael e-mails us the little girl's first train ride. we all wish we could find things as miraculous as this three-year-old young lady. >> a viewer saying i think the little car trying to get out of his/her parking space is great. the winner of our website poll, the little girl's train ride, 53% of the vote. thanks to everyone who responded. everyone have a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning. it is friday. tgif, february 8, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. fox news alert. a massive manhunt continues this morning for an ex-cop on a killing spree. we're now learning more
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about his motivation through a manifest tow he posted on-line. the bizarre comments in a live report out of california ahead. >>steve: outgoing secretary of defense leon panetta tries to explain once again why there was no help in benghazi, libya. >> you can't just willy-nilly send f-16's there and blow the hell out of a place without knowing what's taking place. >>steve: is that enough for the families of the four dead americans? we're going to talk about this shortly. >>brian: what about buzzing them over the unrest. that would have cleared it out. i'll never be this good at basketball. [music] >>brian: the amazing two-year-old who never misses a shot is here live at this hour to never miss a shot for you. "fox & friends" starts now.
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>>gretchen: good morning. we begin with a fox news alert. a manhunt still underway for a former police officer turned suspected officers. as many as 10,000 officers scouring many states. live outside the lapd headquarters with what we have learned overnight. >> christopher dorner is a cop with a vendetta. he is well armed, well trained. few believe he will be taken alive. this is l.a. headquarters, it is very well guarded. there are snipers on the road because every officer inside are a potential target. his car was found at east bear, about an hour north of los angeles. overnight cops scoured the mountains going door to door, car to car looking
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for him and yet no sign of the suspect. >> they still have airline searches, ground searches and door-to-door searches going on. a lot of assistance from all of our neighboring counties and our police department. canine units here. and so far we have not located him. >> to understand who dorner is and what set him off, consider this sequence of events. one week ago today he was discharged from the naval reserve after being passed over twice for promotion. two days later he sat and killed monica kwan and her fiancee. she is the laureate of an ex--lapd guy. tuesday he checked into a hotel in san diego. wednesday he tried to steal a boat but the rope got caught in the propeller. thursday he hepbted down --
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he was hunting down a target. he got in a shootout with an lapd protective detail guarding a house, wounded one there. 30 minutes later he pulled up alongside two riverside cops and killed an 11-year veteran. 8:30 in the morning yesterday is when his truck was found in san bernardino county near big bear. why? dorner graduated from the police academy in 2006. he went to bahrain. he got back, was in training, still undergoing training. he alleged one of his partners used excessive force in kicking a suspect. he went before an l.a. review board. they said he was lying. he appealed. they rejected that. he had wrongful termination in court. they also rejected that. he appealed. he lost there. now he is saying in this long manifesto that until lapd admits that he was
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telling the truth, that he is going to seek them out and basically kill as many as he can. right now they have no idea where he is. >>gretchen: thank you very much for that comprehensive report. complicated story. >>steve: they don't know exactly where he is. they are telling people in that area don't answer the door. in northeast, we're preparing for a gigantic blizzard. nearly 3,000 airplane flights have been canceled because we expect it to be windy and snowy. could be a substantial storm in massachusetts. may get two feet. >> anna is in new york with the latest. here we go again. >> we're preparing with the chilly temperatures and also salt is getting ready to be laid out on to the streets. weather forecasters are predicting the strongest winds and heaviest amounts
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of snow will be piling up tonight into tomorrow, along with scattered, sometimes near whiteout driving conditions. there will be power outages caused by downed tree limbs. transportation officials along with emergency crews in new york, new jersey and much of new england are preparing for the biggest snowstorm this year urging people to stay home and getting equipment ready for 24 hours. residents are stocking up on food, water, batteries, medications as well as topping off their gas tanks. the expected snowfall is leaving mixed feelings for people in its path. >> i hear it's going to be a big snowstorm, it's going to be a major blizzard. i'm excited. >> nervous, always nervous when there's a snowstorm. >> power outages and flooding also a concern along the coast especially in areas still cleaning up after super storm sandy in october. officials are concerned weakened beaches will leave portions of new jersey vulnerable to high waves
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and gusts expected up to 60 miles an hour. in new york city, the metropolitan transportation authority is preparing to use super powered snow blowers and de-icing cars in an effort to keep the trains running smoothsly. this is the first blizzard to hit this area since 2010. it has a lot of folks thinking back to 1978 when that terrible snowstorm dumped more than two feet of snow on boston. >>steve: that was substantial. janice dean is going to have our weather forecast so you can prepare for the day and the weekend. she'll be with us in about 15 minutes. >>gretchen: to the other headlines, a report on our national cemeteries reveals veterans buried in the wrong grave. the review also found 800 other issues, most of them unmarked or mismarked graves. the problems are mostly caused by sloppy work during renovations. some were temporarily removed from the ground and
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cleaned while sod was repaired. the president of iran dodging a second attack in cairo. mahmoud ahmadinejad was visiting a house of an official when a man lunged toward him. meanwhile ahmadinejad proudly unveiled his own home made fire jet. aviation experts say it is an embarrassing joke missing bolts and rivets on the simplest of planes. it reminds me of a monkey going to space. the bush family packed? this morning photos and e-mails about president bush's recent hospitalization exposed. other compromised information, cell phone numbers and home addresses of dozens of bush family members. along with jim nance e-mails. e-mails about a golf outing and a secret code nance needed to enter a security gate.
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and those are your headlines. >>brian: jim nance did a fine job at the super bowl. let's talk about what happened yesterday, the testimony about benghazi. leon panetta said before i leave, i'll talk about it. he showed up with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, martin dempsey. finally you had a bunch of senators who wanted answers to their questions and therefore you had something you could really benefit from, if you were one of the many americans interested in getting to the truth about 9/11/2012. >>steve: we have heard stories about how navy seals and people in benghazi were calling for help. we heard about people on the roof painting where the target was going to be. why couldn't they send an aircraft? apparently there were ready aircraft 90 minutes away. leon panetta said we did the right thing. it would have taken somewhere between 9 and 12
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hours to get an armed aircraft there. here he is. >> there was no specific intelligence or indications of an imminent attack on that -- the u.s. facilities in benghazi. and, frankly, without an adequate warning, there was not enough time given the speed of the attack for armed military assets to respond. >> once an attack takes place, the biggest problem you have is getting accurate information about exactly what is taking place. >> you can't just willy-nilly send f-16's there and blow the hell out of a place without knowing what's taking place. >> buzzing over and disbursing the crowd. they could have easily done that. >>gretchen: that was one of the issues. the other big thing was what was the president's involvement in this? for weeks we've been saying will we ever know what the president actually knew
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because unless he's pinned down and asked a series of questions, he's not going to testify about this. the best thing you get is to talk to his former secretary of defense. where was the president during this eight-hour attack? here's senator lindsay graham. >> we talked to him for 30 minutes one time, and you never talked to him again. either one of you? >> until afterwards. >> until after the attack was over. >> that's right. >> are you surprised that the president of the united states never called you, secretary panetta, and say how's it going? >> normally in these situations -- >> did he know the level of threat? >> let me finish the answer. we were deploying the forces. he knew we were deploying the forces. he was being kept updated -- >> i hate to interrupt you but i've got limited time. we didn't deploy any forces. my question is during that eight-hour period, did the president show any curiosity about how's this going? what kind of assets do you have helping these people? did he ever make that phone
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call? >> look, there is no question in my mind the president of the united states was concerned about american lives. >> with all due respect, -- if he never called and asked you are repepping these people -- are we helping these people? what's happening to them? >>steve: we will have a behind closed-door session next week. >>brian: the president did have time to call benjamin netanyahu and have a generic conversation for an hour after he blew him off two weeks prior. we know he flew out to las vegas the next morning. we know he went to bed without knowing whether spwar stevens -- whether ambassador stevens was alive. >>steve: we know at that point the president was more interested in getting reelected. >>gretchen: we asked some people how they feel about the country today compared to five years ago.
3:14 am
nearly half say weaker, less powerful. 24% believe we're stronger, more powerful. 27% believe we are the same as before. >>steve: we've got a bunch of brand-new fox polls coming out. one other one that was interesting is the fact that, did the stimulus work? 60% of you say no. only a third of you say yes. so when the president of the united states addresses the state of the union on tuesday, the electorate is gloomy. >>brian: a ponzi scheme. two celebrities are in the middle of it. >>steve: the group trying to take down fox news, and now there is a report one of them is up for commerce secretary. kharlts payne -- charles kharlts payne -- charles pain with details. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>> looks like there is another link between the white house and the left wing radical group media matters. chicago business woman penny pritsker was a major funder to media matters and raised over $500,000 for the president's reelection and now is the most likely pick for the president's next skhaeur of commerce. >> charles payne is here. does this surprise you? >> if mitt romney was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, she was born with a sill ver mouth. >>brian: her family owns -- >> the hyatt hotels.
3:19 am
life has been relatively easy for her. she was involved with superior bank in chicago. her uncle bought it and they ran through subprime loans. how many people in chicago were ripped off by this bank. this is the kind of rhetoric that got the president elected in the first place. why she took out her hat in the ring in 2008. >>steve: we know about media matters, trying to silence critics of the president. what's your main problem with her becoming the next secretary of commerce. >> i would love the president get true business people, someone who is self-made, someone who has dealt with the system. in other words, the commerce department has 12 different agencies. it should be -- there should be people running it who understand what the average small business person would like to achieve. i got to tell you, if you go to the website and read what they talk about, it would kind of shock you.
3:20 am
promotes progressive business policies to help american businesses and entrepreneurs and their communities grow and succeed. everything is part of the public domain. let's limit profits, let's spread the wealth; that kind of ideology becoming more steeped within the agency. look at the last few years. entrepreneurship has fallen down a cliff. i worry about her resume. i know she was on the chicago board of education. 21% of the kids there in eighth grade proficient in math. they have got all sorts of problem. that is not the place where you say i've done such a great job here. put me in a job where there's 47,000 employees that control things from the weather to the census department. >>brian: we'll see how she does. she's been a big backer of president obama. charles payne, thanks. >>steve: an entire school stops and gives a rock star
3:21 am
welcome to this waiter. wait till you hear what he did. it's the best story you're going to hear all day. >>brian: l you ca, -- luca the military dog gave one of her legs for soldiers. wait to you hear.
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>>brian: despite her story, the widow of that lottery winner who was poisoned to death could get every penny of her dead husband's money. she -- he died as he was
3:25 am
about to collect the jackpot. no one was charged in his death. the wife's lawyer says the money will go to her. catholic bishops rejecting the obama administration's compromise on the contraceptive mandate. they left out colleges and hospitals, so the bishops are upset. they plan to fight the case in court. >>gretchen: i love this story. dogs are a very important part of the u.s. military and they have protected and saved thousands of american lives since world war ii. our next guest is a true canine hero. luca served two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan where she lost her leg while sweeping out an i.e.d. and saved her platoon while doing so. joining me now is luca and her handler. i guess luca is
3:26 am
comfortable? >> yes ma'am. >>gretchen: tell us the story about luca and your relationship with her. >> she joined the core in 2006. i was her first trainer and handler. i had her five tours. she is trained to search for explosives. the last year and a half she was in camp pendelton, california. march 23, last year in afghanistan she was leading a patrol and she located an i.e.d. the secondary device was booby-trapped and detonated. it took off her front left paw and corporal rodriguez applied tourniquet and first aid and saved her life. she did recovery at camp pendelton. she was retired in may. i adopted her out and they flew to be with us in helsinki, finland in july. >>gretchen: you adopted her out. i don't think many people realize the work that dogs do in the line of duty. technically she saved
3:27 am
lives. >> absolutely. she led over 400 patrols that resulted in zero injuries. even the patrol in which she was hurt, nobody was injured. she is a very special dog. >>gretchen: how has she recovered from the injury? >> she was walking ten days after the surgery. no internal eye damage, no internal -- no permanent ear damage, no internal shrapnel. she is a very resilient animal. >>gretchen: she is not a german shepherd? >> she is a german shepherd mix. >>gretchen: i understand for the first time there is going to be a dedication of a monument to dogs that served in the military. >> it is the first time congress elevated a dog to national monument status. the monument will be the first monument to tour around the country. in october it's going to be dedicated at lackland air force base, which is wonderful.
3:28 am
that's where all the dogs are trained, at lackland. hopefully we can get another one in washington, d.c. on the national mall eventually. >>gretchen: i know you'll be there for the unveiling. you live in finland. what does luca do during the day? >> she enjoys running around in the snow. i take her to the embassy a couple of days with me. she enjoys playing with my kids as well. >>gretchen: i understand she can still shake hands even though she lost her paw. do you think she'll do it now? she's so comfortable. hi, luca. >> come on. good job. good job. >>gretchen: fantastic. what a beautiful dog. we thank luca for her service and to you as well. great to meet you. we look forward to covering the unveiling of the moment monument when it happens.
3:29 am
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >> now a fox news alert. a manhunt is still underway now for a former police officer turned suspected murderer who has a history in the military. >>steve: the police force as well. christopher dorner is accused of killing three people including a police officer before taking off near big bear lake perhaps. >>gretchen: officers across three states and mexico pulling out all stops to find the ex-cop who left a detailed, long and disturbing manifesto. in it he says this. i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in lapd uniform whether on or off duty. you have misjudged a sleeping giant.
3:34 am
>>brian: here to weigh in on the investigation is a former lapd detective. you read the manifesto. he named celebrities he says goodbye to. he goes on for pages and pages. he has already gotten revenge on people he believes, a family member of somebody he believes was in on his ouster. >> correct. this guy is definitely out for blood. one of the things that's really confusing me is the fact that here's a guy who's trying, who sets his police car on fire to say i'm here. >>brian: who wants to get caught? wants people on his trail? >> then why didn't they find him last night in the area over hr? if that vehicle was still burning at the time, he was close by. apparently they had dogs try to track him and they had footprints going into
3:35 am
the woods. why didn't they find him? >>brian: you think it's a head fake? >> i think so. there is a good chance he's nowhere near the area. >>steve: you should know because you have investigated murders and crazy cases like this. >> i read his manifesto. this guy is extremely intelligent. we're not going to find him using the typical methods police use. >>gretchen: he knows how police operates. that is what i'm thinking. he knows how police operate. does that make him even more dangerous than just the regular guy? >> this guy is dangerous than anybody i've confronted before. he's not your typical bad guy. i'm afraid this is going to end very, very ugly. >>brian: he's a sniper, number one. number two, he's got a target list. he has targeted commissioner bratton who lives here now. he was in san diego close to big bear. i'm not an investigator, but i've been to big bear. you get lost five feet away. you can't get up there
3:36 am
without chains on your tires. >> he's had plenty of time to prepare for this. i think he knows exactly what he's doing. i mean, the mere fact that he set that vehicle on fire tells me, you know, his complete mind-set. >>steve: plus he's made it clear with that manifesto, in addition to talking about his motivation, he mentions tim tebow, pierce morgan, crazy stuff like that. he's not going to be taken alive. >> it's clear in his manifesto he knows he'll be dead soon. >>gretchen: how many people will be killed before that happens. >> the only thing that happens now is we'll get a real good tip on him or he'll start shooting again. >>brian: 6'3", 270 pounds. >>steve: our other top story, the northeast and new england bracing for a giant blizzard. janice dean is tracking the story. it is starting to get rainy and windy.
3:37 am
it's coming, isn't it? >> you're going to see my wardrobe change drastically within the next couple of hours. right now we're getting pelted with snow, rain and sleet and then it's going to change over. i'm going to be breaking out the parka at 7:30 the the blizzard is coming. here in new york we could get anywhere from eight to ten inches. the real blockbuster event is going to happen in boston where they could break an all-time record. look at some of these snow totals. the last time we had over two feet was ten years ago at 27.5. the latest predictions have it at 30 inches in boston. that will be an all-time record. we're talking about folks that are going to say i remember back in 2013 when that storm blew in to massachusetts. let's take a look. we've got two storm systems that are going to come together. look at the one coming in from the carolinas. that's mainly a rain event. then you've got that clipper system, the cold snow on top of that across the great lakes. both of those systems are going to combine and that's going to give us our big
3:38 am
blockbuster event. taking a look at some of the snow totals we can get. as i mentioned here in the new york city area, we could get anywhere from seven to eight, maybe ten inches of snow. but the real event is going to come overnight into tomorrow from massachusetts where they could easily get two feet of snow. there's the boston estimates right now at 22.3. again, some of the snow totals i've seen upwards of 30, even 40 inches of snow. certainly something we're going to have to monitor throughout the day today and of course we'll be back every half-hour giving you the latest on what the conditions are, because this is going to affect millions and millions and millions of people today. if you live in boston, you need to stay home. i'll write you a note today. >>steve: i think they've already canceled schools there. j.d., in addition to gigantic snow, we're talking about almost hurricane-force winds. so we're looking for a lot of power outages. >> we have blizzard warnings from new york
3:39 am
city, all the boroughs towards the canadian border. we're going to see winds sustained at 30 to 40 miles per hour for a period of 12 hours in some cases. yes, gusts of up to 70, 80 miles per hour. this is serious. this is an epic event that is unfolding. >>gretchen: thank you so much. i know you're doing your job, even though it's not the greatest of news. i'm going to sleep in the basement tonight. >>brian: i feel bad for the rest of the country. they don't have lipa on their side. >>gretchen: let's compare notes after the weekend. >>brian: to your headlines, they took your money and they ran. according to this morning's report in "the new york post," nfl hall of famer emmitt smith is one of the victims in a $2.5 million ponzi scheme. the alleged scam involving gold and diamond mining in west africa. authorities say most of the money was just pocketed by the scammers. tv host steve harvey
3:40 am
reportedly another victim of the scheme. meanwhile, former baseball star admitted he was encouraged to take drugs to better his game. curt schilling says it had in the red sox clubhouse. in 2008 he just got hurt when he was approached by an employee of the red sox urging him to take a banned substance to numb the pain. shilling says he told the red sox what happened and the team agreed to investigate, wink and a nod. >>gretchen: ann of green gables, going blonde? it's causing a lot of controversy. that is the old cover on the left, the one we grew up looking at. and the one on the right. loyal reared say ann's red hair is a key part of her character. others say her sexy look is offensive because anne is ten years old at the start of the series. >>steve: a waiter risking his job by refusing to serve a customer who made a
3:41 am
rude remark about a child with down's syndrome. now that boy and his friend are saying thank you to the waiter. after hearing what michael garcia did for five-year-old milo, students at the rise school for special needs decided to put on a show for him. garcia had a hard time controlling his emotions. >> i moment i walked into this room and saw these posters, i just lost it. people should stand up for others and go with their gut feeling. >> king for a day. >>steve: parents and teachers at the school say michael is a hero and a role model for everybody around the world. >>gretchen: what a great story. from the super bowl to "sesame street," another week filled with excitement and fun on "fox & friends." >>brian: take a look.
3:42 am
>>steve: brian, it looks as if you are in your attorney's office. what exactly happened? >>brian: he's the only one i am not friendly with. >> thank you. >>steve: he's your friend now, brian. way to go. >>brian: who would ever take it any way? that's so inappropriate. >>gretchen: i had no heat or hot water this morning, so i could not shower. >>brian: really? >>gretchen: no. >>brian: you live next door to the boy scouts. they could have started a fire underneath the water heater. >>steve: i know how we were talking about how it's national pancake day. it also is national weather person day so hats off to
3:43 am
you! >>brian: we don't use the word fart in our house. >>gretchen: if you don't fart, you get a star. >>steve: i'm in the hot seat right now! >>brian: really? really? really? >>gretchen: really? >>steve: nice to finally meet your stunt double. we are franchising the barber shop. we'll let you know what the name is. >> you heard him. we're going to kick everybody's butt. >> steve and gretchen, it's cold out here. we've got brian in the car. we're ready to roll. y'all take it. >>steve: another big week on "fox & friends." you miss a little, you miss a lot. >>gretchen: think you don't have enough cash to live the good life? think again. we'll show you how to do it. >>steve: someone call the nba. he is taking the internet by storm with his
3:44 am
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3:48 am
>>brian: you are overshadowed of this superstar. tell me how this happened. why did he start stphaogt what caused this >> when he was real little, like early walking, he would stay up later than his brothers and sisters and he would sit and snuggle next to me and watch nba basketball. he would sit and watch 20, 30 minutes, an hour. i always thought it was sweet but from the time he could walk he knew what to do with the ball and basket. >>brian: let's see what titus would do. he would play at least 30 minutes. you say he likes to push his game. he hit nine shots. now he's hitting running shots. >> can you standstill and shoot. >>brian: he's fantastic. that's a good job. titus, what that? a ball? is that a ball? >> titus, what's this. what's this? come on. >>brian: that's
3:49 am
unbelievable. in the video, we see a lot of trick shots. i also saw that even though he used a pacifier while doing it, do you think you would like to try this, titus? what's this? a tram trampoline? should we do the trampoline shot? here we go. titus, he's been brought up, his whole life has been dominated by basketball. will he hit this? one more. come on, titus. i believe in you. that's awesome. yes, good job. that was awesome. remember. he was doing this -- >> do you want to dunk it? >>brian: this kid is going to be unbelievable when he gets older. by the way, we have a special surprise for you. here we go from the nba store for you two guys. you're a big heat, fan? >> we do watch the heat. >>brian: titus, for you. here's what's more important.
3:50 am
titus, do you want a dwayne wade jersey? >> yeah. yeah. >>brian: there you go, titus. got -- can i get tickets to your first nba game? high five? all right. titus, superstar, can perform under pressure and can perform on youtube. guys, thanks so much for coming in. titus, let's stay in touch, okay. remember i get 10% of everything you make. the president says he doesn't have a spending problem, but the american people disagree. the results of a brand-new fox poll are stunning. did you know you can use shopping to pay for your shopping? how to live the good life how to live the good life for next to nothing. oh!
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>> ever dreamt of living a life of luxury but you're stuck with living a life on a budget? never fear, now you can experience the good life on the cheap. brad wilson is the founder of brad's and the author of do more, spend less, new secrets of living the good life for less. he joins us this morning. good morning to you. we want you to explain how to do this. buy a car for less than you will sell it for next year. how do you do that? >> there's a whole world of groups and organizations that you can join. and as a perk of membership get discounted prices on new cars. there is a group called tread lightly. you can join for $100 and get a prenegotiated 1% below invoice on jeep vehicles.
3:55 am
the kicker is that these combine with all the other consumer factory incentives. when they're doing cash rebates, they combine on top of that. so this is an example where -- >>steve: the key here is joining this tread lightly outfit? >> i walked through how you do that with g.m., ford and mercedes and bmw. in this case you're buying a car for 21% off, 18% below invoices. that difference is greater than the first year depreciation on the car. you can buy it, sell it in a year for more and in a sense drive it for free. >>steve: absolutely. here's another great tip that i love. earn your miles on the ground for travel for free. a lot of people think, okay, i've got to fly all these miles to get miles. no, you don't. >> when i think of getting a good deal on a fright or trip, it's not to me about going to traveloc i ty or orbitz. i have five million flying miles. one way i've done this is
3:56 am
by getting signup bonuses. in the case of credit cards, you can sign up for a new credit card. they will give you 20,000, 30,000 miles for spending a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time. for example, you can get 15,000 miles by spending $5,000. the catch is you only want to do that if, a, you only shift dollars that you would otherwise actually spend. cell phone bills, groceries. or if you can find a way to generate credit card charges that don't cost you money. >>steve: like the time you bought the dollars from the mint. >> i found a way to buy coins with my credit card. >>steve: you buy something for a dollar that costs a dollar. then you pay off the bill with the dollar. >> that is correct. >>steve: also you shopping to pay for shopping? >> when i see a great deal,
3:57 am
i think of it in terms of buying 15, 10 or 20 and getting for free the one i want to keep. we had a great deal on bose products. they're very hard to discount. never see them discounted. they were 24% off. instead of buying one, i bought 20 of the sound docks, 15 of the headphones. i resold 19 of the sound docks. i made $1,000 on top of my cost and i got to keep one of each. that is a great example of you using shopping to pay for your own shopping. >>steve: check out his website. it's and the book "do more, spend less." brad wilson, thank you very much. straight head on this friday morning, speaking of saving, the exact moment you should book a plane ticket -- when is that -- to get the best possible price? we'll tell you about that.
3:58 am
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4:02 am
of a place without knowing what's taking place. >> brian: you could have sent them. we finally learn where the president was during the eight hour attack. >> steve: and he may be the worst liar ever. look at this exhibit a. >> anything? >> yeah. >> look at mommy. >> anything. >> did you have any snacks? >> nope. >> steve: why are there sprinkles all over your face, young man? that story and so much more as we get to the bottom of it. "fox & friends" for friday, hour 2, starts now. >> it's "fox & friends". >> thank god it's friday! >> gretchen: 10,000 officers racing against the clock at this very moment trying to find a form cop turned suspected murderer. in a few hours, a snow storm will make the search conditions even harder. william lajeunesse live for us now outside l.a.p.d headquarters with the latest
4:03 am
details on the manhunt. a lot of people forget it does snow in california in the mountains as well. that's where they're conducting this search right now. >> yeah. this is believed to be the largest manhunt in l.a.p.d history. at one of their own who was fired for lying about another officer who was going to write him up for poor performance. he remains at large and basically ahead of the hundreds of law enforcement who are looking for him. we are at l.a.p.d headquarters. this is a fortress right now. there are cops in every corner, on the roof. christopher dorner declared war on the department. search up in big bear is a ski resort east of los angeles. that continued overnight. the town is in lockdown. cops, u.s. marshals, deputies going door to door combing the mountain with helicopters, all roads in and out are blocked and yet after 18 hours of searching, no sign of the suspect. >> the search will continue
4:04 am
through the night unless the weather gets to a point that it hampers the search. however, if that happens, the streets will be full of patrol cars. this area will have multiple two-man units patrolling all through the night. >> dorner is well armed and well trained. he's an ex-naval intelligence officer, three years at lapd. suspected of killing two and wounding treatment it happened after he was discharged from the naval reserve after being passed over for promotion 6789 he killed monica kwan and her fiance, the daughter of an ex cop. yesterday in corona, he hunted down a former officer he held responsible for what happened to him and got in a shootout with a protective detail from lapd. a half hour later he ambushed
4:05 am
two riverside cops sitting in a traffic light and killed an 11-year veteran y. is this happening? dorner maintains that he did not lie about that officer and is claiming he will continue this killing spree until lapd admits that it, or that he told the truth. chief beck said yesterday that's not the case, it's not going to happen. so what do we have? it appears at this point he may have gotten off the mountain because you're going to say why would he torch his own vehicle unless he had someone helping him or another ride off that mountain. so until they get some sign this guy surfaces somewhere using a credit card, someone sees him, his face is around california right now, don't have any leads. back to you. >> gretchen: very scary story. still happening out there. william lajeunesse, thanks much. >> steve: we have heard from senator lindsey graham. he said chuck hagel won't be confirmed for secretary of defense until we hear from leon panetta what exactly went down in benghazi.
4:06 am
so leon panetta showed up with general martin dempsey and they testified that the response was adequate and it was enough and there simply was not enough time to get help to our four americans who died in benghazi. they said, even though there were aircraft 90 minutes away, it would have taken nine to 12 hours to deploy an armed aircraft. extraordinarily, i don't see how that's possible. >> brian: i don't see how it is either. not having been secretary of defense, you have to take their word. but under questioning, it never came out when the president was run examining never came out from mitt romney to president obama directly. it was up to lindsey graham who has been indefatiguable in defending the truth. listen. >> if i were a family member and one of my loved ones was killed in benghazi, i would be sick to my stomach of the the president of the united states talked to the secretary of defense for 15 minutes, never talked to the
4:07 am
secretary of state until after the attack was over, never made a phone call saying how close are we to help these theme where is chris stevens? what did he do when he was told the ambassador was missing? we've had an ambassador killed in the last 30 years. the president of the united states has to account for his leadership here. i intend to hold him accountable that's for the white house, lied, deceived and stone walled and this has to come to an end e. has to account for his leadership. they made two movies about the bin laden raid. you deserve credit for that. but you have had no accounting for the benghazi attack and you're going to have an accounting. i'm not going to stop until the american people know what their commander in chief did for eight hours and thus far all we know is he had a 15-minute conversation. >> gretchen: the thing is, how will he get the answers? unless you get hard hitting interview with the president, which isn't going to happen, not going to accept invitation r they going to put the president
4:08 am
under oath? what we know now is apparently he went to sleep that night knowing that this was unfolding in libya and many people are saying, critics of the president are saying, maybe he didn't want to get involved to have a paper trail of his involvement because the election was coming up. he didn't want to have this because remember, the campaign slogan at that time was, osama bin laden is dead. al-qaeda is on the run. so maybe this was not something that he wanted attached to him. there are many other theories. maybe he felt like he was delegating responsibility to the state department and to the department of defense. >> brian: bottom line is, i think special forces, one of the special forces guys who used a laser to light am one of those targets, something must have told him that help was coming or he used logic to think the f-16s are, they're going to come here it help. he held up the target. they held on for eight hours and the secretary of defense is saying we couldn't help. how about you get an f-16 to
4:09 am
buzz these guys. that would straighten everybody out a little bit. >> steve: some feel something was going on in libya regarding arms and yesterday during the testimony, it was interesting because panetta said the pentagon, the c.i.a., and the department of state were all on board with sending the rebels in syria where there has been mass genocide because ofor us to send them arms. you know who said no? the white house. well, we don't know if it's going to work. we don't know which of the rebels to arm. ultimately we don't know if it will result in the ouster of assad. >> brian: the "washington post" lead editorial today says hillary clinton and david petraeus, running the c.i.a. identified the group that they believe would have been the preferrable group to take over through all the rebels, they weeded through and had a plan. and the president nixed it. the word is too political. they wanted to make it seem we're not on a war footing with the election a month away. >> gretchen: maybe the election
4:10 am
playing a huge role. let's look at the fox news polls right now. recently conducted, how many people feel our country compared to five years ago? nearly half of those polled say america is weaker and less powerful today. that's 48%. 24% believe that the country is stronger and more powerful. 27% say nothing changed. >> steve: that's kind of gloomy. you know, the president told john boehner during the negotiations, washington doesn't have a spending problem. health care cost too much. so we asked you. president obama says government doesn't have a spending problem. do you think it does? 83% of you say yes. the government does have a spending problem. only 14% say north no. >> gretchen: more likely to strengthen the u.s. economy right now, cutting government spending seems to be the answer that most people like to strengthen the economy. 73%. 16% increasing government spending. 7% neither. leaving as is.
4:11 am
>> steve: over half the country feel that the worst is yet to come economically. >> gretchen: let's get to some other headlines. a shocking new report on our national cemetery reveals veterans remains are buried in wrong graves. review found about 800 other issues, most of them unmarked or mismarked graves. the problems are mostly caused by sloppy work during renovation, head stones temporarily removed from the ground and cleaned while sod was repaired. but workers apparently put the markers back in the wrong places. the president of iran dodge ago second attack in cairo. ahmadinejab visiting the house of an iranian official when a man lunged towards him. security guards stopped the suspect. ahmadinejab proudly unveiled iran's own home midnight jet. but aviation experts say it's an embarrassing joke. it's missing bolts and rivets found on the simplest of planes. bush family hacked? photos and e-mails about president bush's recent hospitalization exposed. other compromised information,
4:12 am
cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses and home addresses of dozens of bush family members, including both former presidents and their children. another breached account for jim nance, a bush family friend. the e-mails between innocence and bush senior, including a secret code that they need to do enter a security gate when they were going to play golf. >> brian: it was the guys' night on "american idol." ♪ like it never happened and that we were nothing ♪ >> brian: the competition ending with a twist. instead of leaving just 20 hopefuls, there are 28. eight will be sent pack next week. likely safe, charlie askew, nick bottington, david velez and the ladies will sing for a chance at the semifinals next week. i didn't watch last night. there was a lot of tears the night before. i couldn't believe how much crying. >> steve: actually a pretty good season. >> brian: yeah. so far it's been good. nicky minage's hair is
4:13 am
overwhelming. >> gretchen: is there still fighting going on? >> brian: no, it seems mariah carey is emotional and nicky minage is loquacious. >> steve: a monster snow storm barreling towards us and new england. nearly 3,000 airplane flights canceled. people up and down the east coast busy stock up on food and supplies and as you can see, they're getting ready with the salt and things like that. i do believe right now janis dean is in front of our weather map right now showing us where it's heading. >> i have one more moment of good hair and then i'll be outside for the rest of the day. >> steve: i'll be with you. >> let's look at it. my husband went out and got gas and there were lines up at the gas station. we're taking this very seriously along the east coast. so new york, you're starting to get the rain, sleet, wintery mix. north of new york and west of the city is where we're going to
4:14 am
see mainly snow ehave not for the duration of this storm. as we go through time here action 10:00 a.m. on friday, there is that kind of snow line just hovering around new york city. so you're going to see a mix. it will be nasty trying to get in certainly. but the drive home will be next to impossible. thousands of delays and cancellations at the airport. north and west of the city, that's where the temperatures are cold enough for snow and that's where we think we're going to get the bull's eye of the heaviest of totals. in some cases we could see historic amounts. in some cases we could see three feet of snow across new england. blizzard warnings are posted for 23 million people along the east coast. back to you. >> steve: here she comes. thank you. >> brian: coming up, the exact moment to book a plane ticket to get the best possible price. >> gretchen: more on the president's plan to kill americans with drones. are we allowed to defend our country at all costs? that's next. >> the justice department is saying that president obama can
4:15 am
order drone strikes on american citizens. that he can do it. in a related story, this is the last obama joke i'm ever doing on this show. [ laughter ] ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. heart-healthy, whole grain oats. how do you keep an older car running like new?
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4:18 am
er. >> i never believe it's better to kill a terrorist than to detain him. we want to detain as many terrorists as possible so we can illicit the intelligence from them. >> gretchen: that's john brennan general yesterday defending the white house's use of drone strikes to kay take out terrorists. the center strategy which some say limits our ability to obtain information from detainees. joining me is colonel ralph peters. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. great to speak to you again. >> gretchen: thank you. you had a very interesting op ed yesterday. you are one of the few who actually thinks this is one of the best policies that president obama has put into place. why? >> it's the only policy obama
4:19 am
has that works. i was very disappointed in brennan's politically correct statement yesterday because he knows it's not true. he doesn't mean it. the obama administration's policy and it's a wise one, is kill terrorists. don't try to capture them because capturing them just gives us another unfunded liability. what do you do with them? we've got prissy rules that won't let us interrogate them seriously. they laughed at us. they're on the taxpayers dime for the rest of our lives even if we don't try them. but killing terrorists works. gretchen, the bottom line on this is you've heard all the lefties saying, oh, if you kill a terrorist, you'll make him a martyr. no. osama bin laden is dead and nobody is protesting, nobody is saying this one is for osama when they throw a bomb. when the terrorists recently took over the gas facility in algeria, what did they want? they wanted the release of the blind sheik.
4:20 am
it's when you capture terrorists, when you put them in our prison system or guantanamo bay, that's when you make them martyrs and inspire further terrorist attacks to free them. >> gretchen: it's not just democrats. republicans also, to me, suddenly have an issue with the president playing out the war on terror. i mean, this is what he decided to do as far as how he's gone after the terrorists. i mean, i guess they want to try to detain some of these terrorists so they can glean more information which would be helpful, but you explained why that's not going to happen of the let me ask you this, some people believe you shouldn't kill american citizens who become terrorists without giving them the due process of the law. your reaction? >> that's absolute nonsense. the fundamental purpose of -- that legit mazes the state of a government is forget its citizens against violence, foreign and domestic. when someone, a u.s. citizen takes up arms against the united
4:21 am
states, betrays his country, joins a terrorist organization dedicated to our destruction and uses his knowledge of america to help inspire, plan and execute terrorist attacks that kill american citizens, guess what? this guy is not double parked, he's not a shoplifter. throughout our history, we have killed americans who took up arms against their law abiding fellow citizens. this is not a legal issue. it's not an issue at all. if an american turns his back on americans trying to kill americans, you kill the sucker, period. no legal issue, kill him. >> gretchen: agreed from this point of view. real quickly, do you fear that that would be carried beyond that? that's what some people are concerned about. >> no. all the hysteria, it's all the black helicopters are coming to take my hershey bar. no. the president -- obama is doing one sensible thing, just one sensible thing in killing terrorists. let's give him credit for the one smart thing he's doing, whatever his motivation may be.
4:22 am
>> gretchen: all right. lieutenant colonel ralph peters, great to talk to you this morning. have a good weekend. >> great to speak to you. >> gretchen: first salt, then soda. now nanny bloomberg has his eye on a new target and it could change the way you enjoy your coffee. the movie trailer may be the only good thing about this movie. we have someone who has seen it. that's coming up. [ emale announcer ] ready to mix things up with lean cuisine? try our entrees, snacks and new salads. wild salmon with basil, garlic chicken spring rolls, and now salads, like asian-style chicken. enjoy 100 delicious varieties under 400 calories. lean cuisine.
4:23 am
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4:25 am
>> steve: news by the numbers for you now. $25 billion. that's how much new regulations from the obama administration could cost small businesses in the united states. 25 billion. that's according to a soon to be released report from the american action forum.
4:26 am
next, $2.5 million. former nba superstar alan iverson losing his atlanta mansion to foreclosure. that's terrible. the bank apparently purchasing the house for 2 1/2 million dollars. pretty house. and finally, 7 weeks. that's how far in advance you should buy a plane ticket. experts say that's when you will find the cheapest flight. bad news for people who want to go to miami today. like all of us. >> brian: athlete that made about $100 million out of money? i haven't heard that before. now a look at one of the biggest movie openings this weekend. >> we swapped information, sandy, bigelow, such a rare name. >> it's a family name. jeremiah bigelow was a well-known bear hunter. >> sounds brave. here is my driver's license with my name, sandy bigelow patterson. got you. >> steve: that was part of the movie trailer fort comedy
4:27 am
"identity theft" starring jason beatman and melissa mccarthy. when we saw -- when my wife -- good morning to you. my wife and i saw that promo, we said that looks hysterical. >> well, that is the assumption i had as well. but going into the movie, they ruined the film in the first 15 minutes. i'll tell you why. i love melissa mccarthy. she was incredible in "bridesmaids." and i loved jason bateman, but this movie steals in the f minus character is written so poorly. she's a horrible, horrible human being in the film. she's ruining jason bateman's life and that annoyance is what we feel as we are sitting in the theater. i was irritated. it was painful, excruciating. all the funny parts are in the trailer. i found myself getting so bored that i was counting the number of speakers in the theater at some point. that's how unfunny the film
4:28 am
became. it had such star power. melissa mccarthy is such a great actress and she does a great job as acting, but her character has no redeemable qualities. i gave it a 1 1/2 out of five. it feels like it's three hours long. it should only be 90 minutes. it's an hour and 50 minutes. way too long for a comedy. skip it. i gave it 1 1/2 out of five. >> brian: how many speakers in the theater? >> i think seven or eight now. i think eight. >> gretchen: hopefully you liked the second one better. "side effects" n this is steven soderbergh, one of the most diverse directors in hollywood. he's retiring. this is his last big screen film e. has one more film for hbo. this particular film deals with channing tatum and rooney mara. she takes a prescribed medication that gives her nasty side effects. it's a very, very intense, cleverly written thriller. it's brilliantly shot. brilliantly directed.
4:29 am
soderbergh has done "traffic" and many others. i love this film maker and i love this film. we have a little clip here. check this out. >> i really need to talk to you. >> yeah. i just got your message. >> i went to your office but you weren't there. could we talk? >> if it's an emergency, i can admit you. >> gretchen: wow. you don't even recognize rooney mara in that. >> i know. it's brilliant performance. everybody in the film is great. there are so many twists and turns that will blow your mind. don't read any reviews going in. it's amazing. 4 1/2 out of 5 for special effects. >> brian: what about "top gun"? >> it's a 3 d conversion. they took the original movie. the 20 minutes i saw, you feel like you're in the cockpit with
4:30 am
tom cruise. it is incredible 3 d conversion. i really highly recommend it. >> steve: fantastic. all right. >> brian: it was tom cruise before he jumped on the couch. >> brian, before i go, i got you an early valentine's day gift, but i'm hearing you might already have this. >> steve: i knew! >> do you already have it? >> brian: it's true. >> gretchen: i'll take it. >> brian: i do have it and i'd like to will it to gretchen. >> i'm going to send it to my best friend, alec baldwin instead. i'll give it to him. he'll appreciate my gift. >> brian: my lack of relationship highlighted. >> steve: here comes the book. >> brian: i owe you. you did not like "fred clause." that was my recommendation. this is going to make it up to you. you're going to watch it and call me up on sunday and say, you have -- "here comes the boom" made my weekend. >> gretchen: i hope i do that. kevin, thanks so much. great to see you. >> appreciate it. >> steve: straight up, he may be
4:31 am
the worst liar ever. notice the sprinkles. >> you didn't eat anything? >> yeah. >> look at mommy. >> anything. >> did you have a snack? >> nope. >> steve: the sprinkles don't give it away. evidence all over his face. we'll detail that young person's story straight ahead. >> gretchen: turbo tax tim geithner's got a new gig. he'll be an author. how about this new book title, do not as i say, do as i do. we're reading other suggestions that you've sent in. that's coming up next you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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4:36 am
>> steve: tell us why you're in a food truck. >> you might be wondering why we're here today. this is national girl scout cookie day in the country. so although it's snowing here in manhattan, girl scouts across the country are celebrating the largest entrepreneur program for girls in the country. it's the cookie program. >> steve: reagan, how long have you been cookie salesperson? >> i've been a cookie salesperson for seven years. >> steve: one year you sold how many boxes? >> i sold about 400 boxes. >> steve: oh, my goodness! >> how did you do that? >> i have a lot of people that i sell to in my school and my parents' offices. >> did you win an award? >> we got a pin that says 100 or more. we get prizes when we reach goals of like 100 or 200 boxes. >> steve: let's back up. you said in your parents' offices. millions of cookies sold by the girl scouts are sold by the parents. >> they're supported by parents.
4:37 am
this is a girl-run business. in addition to that, they're not only selling the cookies because it's fun, they actually take the revenue and reinvest it in their local communities. animal shelters. >> steve: abigail, why do you like going door to door selling cookies? >> well, i've been a girl scout since i was young. i thought it was going to be really fun and when i was younger, i thought it would look good on my college resume. >> steve: very nice. get a shot of these other young ladies who have all bundled up to be with us today. so an ma maria, how too we help the girl scouts today? >> first of all, please spread the news that you can buy girl scout cookies now across the country. you can also go to the web site, where you can download an android or iphone app and find cookie booth sales in your local community. >> steve: and i'm blocking these girls. >> nicely done.
4:38 am
>> steve: national cookie done. thank you very much. it is a blizzard day. >> i am so thankful for the girl scouts and their shelter. >> steve: indeed. are you going to tell us about the weather? >> we have a historic blizzard, ladies, that is coming to the northeast, including new york city. if you look at the maps, we have two storms that are going to come together and bring a blockbuster storm. you see all that rain to the south of us and snow to the north, both of those will kind of merge off the coast and really intensify in the next 12 to 24 hours. taking a look at some of the snow totals, we could see from 12 inches to a foot. in some cases, two feet in and around the boston area. they are helped that this could be one of the biggest storms they have ever seen in their history. so as you can see, it's going to cover most of the northeast, blizzard warnings in effect for 23 million people along the coast, including new york city, all the way up towards maine. so this will be a big ehaveeven. the city of boston is shut down. >> steve: that's right.
4:39 am
one benefit for the fact that we're outside talking about girl scout cookies in the cold, you know, cinnamons are best when they're in the freezer -- thin mints are best when they're in the freezer. >> freeze them and in august bring them out and you'll have best friends. >> i'll take one of each. >> steve: very good. we'll buy. that's from outside. back into the inside where it's not snowing yet. >> gretchen: nice job. thank you. now to your other headlineses. manhunt underway for a form cop turned suspected murderer. southern california on the edge as thousands of officers are scouring the area for the suspect. they're look for christopher dorner. he's accused of killing three people, including a police officer and wounding two others. retaliation for his firing from the l.a.p.d in 2008. he was let go for make false statements. dorner warning of vie license in a chilling on-line manifesto. part of the disturbing posting said, i will bring unconventional and a sim met
4:40 am
trical danger. valley a live report coming up in the next hour. >> brian: nanny bloomberg at it again. first he dictated the size of our cups. now michael bloomberg wants to change what they're made of. the bloomberg administration is considering a ban on styrofoam cups and containers in new york city. he says it wants to make sure everything can be recycled. restaurants blasting it, calling it intrusive. >> gretchen: talk about being caught red handed, one little boy tells his mom he didn't sneak snacks, but the evidence is all over his face. >> you didn't eat anything? >> yeah. >> john, look at mommy. >> anything. >> you didn't have any snacks. >> nope. >> gretchen: john insists he didn't eat the cake sprinkles, but the evidence against him keeps mounting. >> john, can you explain to me why the sprinkles are empty?
4:41 am
>> well, they're not empty. >> tell me now, did you eat the sprinkles? >> no. >> gretchen: eventually his mom tells him he had sprinkles on his face and then he admits to chowing down on them. i told the story before, but when i was trying to get my son to stop lying, i told him like pinocchio, his nose would grow. he still goes in the bathroom and goes like this to make sure it hasn't come out when he tells a fallacy, it works. >> steve: at what age do you tell him the truth? >> gretchen: he's still buying it and he's seven. still working. trying to keep him from not telling lies. >> brian: that's wet out there. >> steve: it's a blizzard outside. but you knew that. that's our lead story. there is a blizzard outside. >> brian: you look slushy. then it was going to get -- >> steve: it's starting to come down. all right. we told that you apparently tim geithner, who is the outgoing secretary of treasury, is going
4:42 am
to write a book about his life at the top of the money chain here in the united states. yesterday we asked you if you had any suggestions for the name of his book. apparently he's work with some publishers right now. we thought we'd help him with your help. >> gretchen: so this suggestion came from a viewer, financial crisis begins at home of the that's one idea. >> steve: another title suggestion, do as i say. not as i do. hot off the press. there you go. thank you. >> brian: another is dr. strange tax. how i learned to stop worrying and ignore the tax code. >> gretchen: fourth one, what do you mean my kids can't cost are not deductible? those were good ideas. obviously those are probably -- not any of those will be the title. >> steve: although good effort. e for effort. thank you very much. >> brian: american flag crumpled you up and left in a corner in the school. the guy who tried to blow the whistle on it got fired. why he says he was willing to
4:43 am
pay that price for our freedom. >> gretchen: we're going to go live to the windy city for a speak at the auto show and all the hottest cars of the year. >> steve: first of the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1941, this actor gained popularity for his performance in "rich man poor man." who is he? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer and you'll be our big winner [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ] [ justin ] mulligan sir. mulligan. take a mulligan. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is, a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does
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[ cheering ] hey! ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ [ howls ] ♪ your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> steve: if you saw an american flag being crumpled up and mistreated at your work, would you risk your career to defend it? that's the story of our next
4:47 am
guest. he was a school custodian in south dakota. got so fed up with another janitor who wadded up the flag, disrespecting the flag, as you can see right there, he posted this picture on facebook. that picture and several complaints to the superintendent of his county school district, he says got him fired. joining us now with his story is caesar. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: so you are a disabled veteran. you had been working at this job as a janitor for about 60 days. you had noticed one of your fellow janitors would do what to the flag at the end of the day? >> took the flag down and you're supposed to have at least two people. take it down, bundle it up in arms, going to the boiler room, roll the south dakota flag and the united states flag up in a bundle and throw it on top of a boiler. did he that from the very first day. >> steve: that really bothered you as it bothers a lot of people. so eventually you showed her how
4:48 am
to do it the right way, right? >> oh, yeah. the very first day, i told -- showed her how to fold the flag and she said she's not going to do that, that was too much of a bother. >> steve: all right. >> i got angry. >> steve: exactly. you got angry. then it was -- you had been working there. you had seen it for two months and finally you took out your camera and you took a picture and you posted that to facebook and then it really hit the fan, didn't it? >> well, i took the picture originally, the video part of it was the first day. i took that to my boss and showed him and then friday, last friday i took another picture when she did it again. i was fed up with it. but i think -- because it was super bowl sunday weekend, it got a little bit more attention. it got a lot more attention now. >> steve: no kidding. monday the superintendent called in and said what to you? >> he told me that i had overstepped my bounds as an employee and that that i was on
4:49 am
probation for work, which i understood, and that i had embarrassed him because he got caught not doing his job that he had been promising me for two months. i think a good part of it is he's retiring in three months. he was just trying to sweep it under the rug. >> steve: we got a statement from the stanley county school district in south dakota and it says, the result of our investigation did not reflect the mishandling of the flags. we questioned the circumstances and if the pictures circulating are an accurate reflection of how the flags were stored. according to sarah carter, school board president. it sounds like they're calling awe liar. >> oh, yeah. that's probably the reason i got an attorney. i didn't hire one. he's doing it for pro bono. he's a fellow vet like me and a reservist. so he came to me and asked me if i needed help. the one thing i have to say about the school board is that i
4:50 am
don't have a crystal ball. how did i take these pictures two months before i got fired and the other one three days before i got fired? >> steve: you know, it's heart breaking to a lot of people watching right now because you are a disabled vet and you were just trying to do the right thing and there you get fired. caesar, good luck to you. keep us posted on what happens. if the school board changes their mind and hires you back. thank you. >> all right. thank you. >> steve: what do you think about that? e-mail us, please. meanwhile, there is more than a million square feet of the hottest new trends on wheels. we'll go live to the very windy city this morning for a sneak peek at the chicago auto show. first on this day in 1989, "straight up" by paula abdul, number one.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> brian: aflac answer is nick nolte. the winner, bob from missouri. good luck to both of you. starting tomorrow in the windy city, the public will get the chance to view the latest from the auto industry as the chicago auto show rolls into town. we do this every year. we love it. doug browner is live from the auto show itself with a sneak peek what and you can tell your friends you saw. where are we starting? >> brian, good morning. let's start with something that i think is going to be appropriate for your area this weekend. take a look. not just cool from jaguar, it's the xj, flagship. this is gorgeous. who doesn't want to drive this car? check it out. how about driving it in the snow because that's what jaguar now will let you do with an all wheel drive option, take your jag in the snow, absolutely. inside, gorgeous.
4:55 am
actually nicer than my living room. $83,700 with a v 6340 horsepower. let's look at a kia. all new. this is the forte five door. this thing, when we see it, is going to be absolutely a hit this year with the younger set because this has got a five door. hatch backs are back. kia saying, younger people don't have the hatch back stigma. 201 horsepower, it will go on sale later this year. it has a concept from kia. take a look at this, crawled the cross gt, super aggressive styling. it was designed in southern california, multi paneled sky lights, i love how those doors open. not sure if they build it. but if they do, they'll bought v 6 with 400 horsepower inside. all right. let's talk about retro styling and the beatles got that covered. vw showing us yesterday, this is the gsr drawing heavily from the 1970s era. they keep bringing it back 'cause people still want these
4:56 am
things! it will go on sale fall of 2014. expect it to be super limited in its production. it will tap into old guys like me, i'm sure, and their nostalgia. trucks, toyota rolling this out yesterday. look at it. this is a tundra, big, big heavy duty truck, full size. they're going after ford and gm with this thing. it's an american built truck. in texas, by usa auto workers. it will be on sale in september from toyota, the all new completely redesigned tundra and from ram, the guys over at chrysler, they are introducing this, called the pro master. check out how configure rabble this is. i was in the back of this yesterday. it's got more room inside than a super tanker. what's notable is it's a front wheel drive. great gas mileage and available with a turbo diesel. all right. let's talk about driving inside the auto show, over hill. you can do that in a jeep. look over dirt, over logs. you can go up a 40-degree grade. the line yesterday was fierce for this thing. i decided to get behind -- look
4:57 am
at that thing. you can do that inside the auto show. i decided to take one for a ride. i'm not a good brian. this is what they gave me. watch that puddle. don't do it. yeah. that's pretty much my experience in all these auto shows. the chicago auto show opens to the public tomorrow and expect there to be big business here in the windy city for all these new cool cars. watch out for the -- >> brian: they want to know how much the jeep was, the last jeep. what are we hopping to get for that? >> the what? the one that i was driving? >> brian: yeah. >> it's about 4.92 because it's very used because i sat in it and blew the transmission out. >> brian: and you got it muddy. >> yeah. >> brian: we appreciate it. having fun always. >> i appreciate it. >> brian: i cannot wait for him to show up with that jaguar for me and it will be a surprise. is it medical malpractice or a mistake? peter johnson, jr. to answer that question and many more sent to us because you sent us your
4:58 am
questions because you need free advice and peter is giving it to you. and we now know about the president's secret drone war. but should he have the license to kill americans without due process? i say sure, if he's a terrorist. geraldo rivera will probably say something totally opposite. he does not wear a tie or a collar because he's just cool. you heard me. cool. [ male announcer ] you know that guy that's got a ham radio in his basement. he can talk to china, mongolia and all the koreas and he eats velveetshells and chee. so who are you calling amateur? liquid gold. eat like that guy you know.
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we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong?
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's friday, february 8. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. fox news alert. manhunt underway for an ex cop on a killing spree. look at the man behind the mayhem and his bizarre celebrity manifesto. >> steve: does our government have the legal right to kill
5:02 am
americans? that's the case the obama administration is trying to defend. geraldo rivera weighs in on the drone war. >> brian: really? >> steve: really. >> brian: actors going after my new buddy, alec baldwin. >> steve: what? >> brian: i am outraged. the actor, the victim of an internet scam. when i get ahold of you, "fox & friends" starts right now. i got your back, alec. >> gretchen: good morning. >> steve: brian was just gritting his teeth. a lot of people are as they go to work today and to school, a lot of schools already canceled because the blizzard has begun. snow now falling in the northeast and new england. winter storm may leave between two or more feet of snow in some spots. expecting schools and travel -- there is our world headquarters. out at the airport, nearby and throughout the northeast, nearly 3,000 flights already canceled. janis dean knows why 'cause
5:03 am
she's out in the weather right now. >> yes. it is just starting and you can see people are having a tough time, umbrellas are turning inside out. you should be dressed like this in a blizzard. okay? just so you know. let's take a look at the map. so we have two storms that are merging together and that's going to give us our blizzard. look at some of these snow totals. we think this could be a blockbuster for boston. they could beat that 27.5 inches that they got ten years ago, february 17 and 18. this could actually bust that for them. they could actually get more than that. and this storm isn't even getting going yet. it's not even developing across the coast. we're dealing with these two storm systems, this is quite an event. we get excited about, but we want to make sure people are taking extra precautions. if you live from new york to boston, take precautions. stock up on groceries 'cause there will be power outages. most definitely all up and down
5:04 am
the coast. red? those are blizzard warnings where we could have winds sustained at 30, 40 miles per hour for a long duration of time. we could see wind gusts, 30, 40 miles per hour for 12 hours along the coast. then you seat winter weather advisories. so some areas around the boston area could get over two feet. some of the computer models are actually saying three feet of snow. but you see that area 18 to 24 inches. new york is on the cusp between six to 12 and 12 to 18. i wouldn't be surprised to see a foot of snow in and around the new york city area. but we're kind of on the fine line between the rain and the sleet and the snow. so that might cut back on snow totals. but right now that we're seeing the snow, if it continues to be like this, we'll be dealing with quite an epic event. steve, gretchen, brian, back to you in studio. >> steve: outstanding out on 6th avenue where it's starting to come down. thank you very much. >> gretchen: now to the rest of your headlines for today. shocking new report on our national cemeteries. a sad one. it reveals veterans' remains are
5:05 am
buried in the wrong graves. the review done by the department of veterans affairs also found about 800 other issues, most of them unmarked or mismarked graves. the problems were mostly caused by sloppy work during renovations. head stones were temporarily removed from the ground and cleaned while sod was repaired, but workers put the marks back in the wrong places. the president of iran damaging a second attack. ahmadinejab was visiting the house of an official when a man lunged toward him. security guards stopped the suspect in his tracks. meantime, ahmadinejab proudly unveiled iran's own home made fighter jets. but experts say it's an embarrassing joke. it's missing bolts and rivets found on the simplest of planes. bush family has been hacked. photos and e-mails about president bush's recent hospitalization exposed. other compromised information, cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, home addresses of dozens of bush family members, including both former presidents and their children.
5:06 am
another breached account belongs to jim innocence, a long-time bush family friend. the e-mails between them included a secret code that nance need to do enter a security gate. good manners will get you a discount. take a look at this receipt. four dollars was taken off one couple's bill because their children were well behaved. did they tack it on when they're not? to top it off, they were even given a free dessert. the family was eating at an italian restaurant in washington state. this isn't the first time the owner has done this apparently. he says he often gives a discount to families whose youngsters are on their best behavior. it what did he call it? open discount. >> steve: no, well behaved kid. >> gretchen: oh, there it is. >> steve: i wonder what the name of the place is. geraldo rivera joins us right now. good morning to you. >> hi. >> steve: top story is, aside from the big weather storm here, is the west coast where it's about to start snowing at big bear lake. they're look for that former cop from california who so far has killed three people and he's
5:07 am
left a crazy manifesto. >> christopher dorner is the latest of the spectacle mass murderers, disgruntsled loser, a man who was thrown off the l.a.p.d for falsely claiming that a fellow cop had brutalized a mentally ill person. in the hearing, they had various witnesses. it was pretty clear that christopher dorner was lying about his colleague. he had a resentment against the l.a.p.d , against chief bratten who said on the -- sat on the curvy couch two weeks ago. the man who implemented stop and frisk and many other innovative police procedures that are credited with dramatically reducing crime. dorner didn't like him. alleged racism in the l.a.p.d he had a parallel career in the united states navy. he was a lieutenant in the united states navy, served some time in the persian gulf and came back from the navy, asked to be retrained by the l.a.p.d he was put back out on patrol. he didn't fit. he was dysfunctional. he got thrown off the force and then he decided to take revenge on anyone who played any role in
5:08 am
the disciplinary procedure that found him thrown off the l.a.p.d , he went on this murderous rampage, he killed at least three people. he killed the -- he wants to kill their families, too. >> brian: did he. >> he killed the daughter, the assistants basketball coach at cal state fullerton. her do was his daughter during the disciplinary hearing. so he's after not only other cops, but also the families of these cops. he's absolutely terrorized southern california. he's been sighted everywhere, most recently as you suggest, on big bear mountain, the ski resort east of los angeles. >> steve: talk over on the big board we've got some of the crazy names that he's included in his manifesto. >> in this, which is filled with his grievances and filled with his charges and filled with his allegations, he's a lot like the union bomber in the sense he has a cosmic view of the world and these are the people with whom he related. he loves charlie sheen, tim tebow. he said tim should leave the
5:09 am
jets. in this where he weaves in all of these allegation of racism on the l.a.p.d -- >> brian: he says good-bye to them. so it means he plans on being killed. >> there is no doubt. he also declares war, brian. you're absolutely right. he declared a symmetrical war. guerrilla war against the lapd. the problem with that is as he attacks the cops, the cops have to use much of their precious resources to protect themselves. >> gretchen: 10,000 cops right now. >> 40 major protection squads outside the houses of all of the families of the people he names, plus every police precinct in southern california. but they found his nissan pick up truck on big bear mountain. he tried to burn it. still they recognized it. they feel he might be somewhere on that mountain. many of those homes are weekend homes or vacation homes of the they are empty. so they're going door to door, all of these homes trying to find out if indeed he has gone to ground on big bear mountain. >> brian: he's probable lea got body armor. let's talk about another story. john brennan sat down and tried
5:10 am
to convince everyone he would be a good c.i.a. director. he really took the president, president bush's drone program to the nth degree where he's targeting and killing terrorists with unmanned drones. he defended it successfully, i thought yesterday. >> i thought that brennan handled the senators as if they were school boys. he was so experienced. he's such a patriot. he's so competent. i am an absolute fan of the drone program. >> steve: what he didn't want to answer something, he would go, i'll get back to you. >> but did he it in a way where you thought that he was credible. he wasn't evasive. >> brian: give me the two areas that i think you should explore. he had no answer to marco rubio who was brilliant yesterday when it came to, why did we not question the tunisian suspected with benghazi? he had no answer. >> that had nothing to do with the drone program. the turks captured a tunisian, they're trying to flee with false papers. he's accused to have been involved in the benghazi
5:11 am
slaughter of our people there. the tunisians have not let us question that man and he is now released. >> gretchen: back to the drone program, i understand the hypocrisy focusly being lobbied at the president because he was against the war on terror when bush was in charge of it and now he's an enhanced interrogation and people say now he's killing people, which is that worse than torturing them? i'm with you, i think that we should be applauding the fact that the president actually is doing something about the war on terror. so why do you think so many politicians are now against it and claiming you can't kill american citizens when they've turned to terror? >> the problem is -- that's an excellent question. first of all, i dream if we only had a drone in march 2003 and could have used it to kill saddam hussein and save the 4400 lives and the tens of thousands of iraqi lives to take out the man who was the ultimate cause of the war. in terms of why people have turned against the program, the liberals, and the libertarians,
5:12 am
rand paul, the republican from kentucky, leading the charge, is that anwar al-awlaki was an american citizen. there are american citizens who have turned rogue, turned renegade, a lot like christopher dorner, declared war on us, and the opponents of the drone program say what about his constitutional rights to due process? what i say to the constitutional rights, when you turn on your country, when you declare war on your country, i don't care where you were born. that doesn't matter to me. you are an enemy combatant. the fear is that now this drone program will be imported to the united states, we'll use it against people like christopher dorner maybe. i don't see that happening. i have think the real story is how these drones have decimated the al-qaeda leadership, how we are now using them to great effect. i wish there were more of them. we will never, i hope, commit major ground forces to another -- >> brian: as you know, when
5:13 am
asked, how many high value targets have we captured over the last four years? chambliss asked him. his answer, i don't know. i'll get back you want to the answer is one. so we had -- >> we kill them rather than talk to them. >> brian: that's the problem. >> i have no problem with that. i've been with these troops in the field where these people have killed civilians. they've blown up schools. you create a health clinic, they blow it up. you know, brian, we have more intelligence now than we ever have electronically. we fail them. why do you think we're killing them. >> brian: i think we could get a mix. >> steve: so many people are upset about the fact that there is no due process. >> i don't mind the judge signing off -- >> steve: who picks and who decides that there is so much gray area. >> you have to trust your government. >> steve: that's the problem. >> brian: soon to be senator.
5:14 am
what do you make that decision? >> next year. i will be here until five minutes before i file. i have not made the final decision. i am obviously exploring it very sincerely and leaning in that direction, but i hesitate to make any statement because id into this job. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: thanks. coming up on "fox & friends," if your kid falls and gets hurt at grandma's house, should you sue grandma? peter johnson, jr. says it might actually be a good idea. really? the free advice you can't afford to miss. >> steve: then hackers going after brian's new buddy, alec baldwin. the actor, the latest victim of an internet scam. it's true. >> same hometown. >> new york received 12 inches of snow this weekend or subway calls it, 11 inches
5:15 am
5:16 am
[ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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5:18 am
>> steve: so sue me. since the last time we did this segment, we've been overwhelmed with your e-mail. you have questions ranging from medical malpractice to inheritance problems. here to help is peter johnson, jr., one of the most highly rated trial and appellate lawyers in the country. keep in mind, folks, this is tv advice if you really want to sue somebody, talk to your lawyer. >> get a personal lawyer. let's go. >> steve: first question, three years ago i was diagnosed with liver cancer and received a liver transplant. two weeks after surgery, doctors told me i never had cancer. now i have to take transplant medicine for the rest of my life to prevent rev of the liver. do i have a lawsuit? >> unfortunately, you got a real problem and you do have a lawsuit. i had a similar lawsuit, we
5:19 am
talked about it here a couple years ago, a great young man who was misnosed with breast cancer and had his breast removed as a result of this. now this person has to undergo antirejection drugs his whole life. so lawsuit for medical malpractice, perhaps for punitive damage. that's designed to deter that kind of conduct in the future. so you bring a lawsuit against the hospital, against the pathologist, the people that and minuted the tissue. perhaps the surgeon, perhaps other people involved. i say sue them. punitive damages. compensatory damages, pain and suffering. >> steve: peeking of pain and suffering, nothing worse than family issues. during a visit to my mother's house, my two yearly daughter severed part of her finger on a wheelchair her grandmother was folding up. the rental chair a hinge part which also calls into question its design. should we sue the rental company, the manufacturer or grandma? >> i believe grandma should only
5:20 am
sue and only be sued if she's been run over by a reindeer. the target here, unfortunately, may be the grandmother because she has a homeowner's insurance policy. there could be other lawsuits brought against the manufacturer of the wheelchair. if you think it's defective, or the rental company. i say get this thing wrapped up. the grandchild's only memory of the grandmother should not be suing her. not being the plaintiff against her being the defendant. >> steve: get the money from the insurance company. >> wrap it up. family peace. >> steve: my wife passed away without a will and left bank accounts to her mother only. i own the house and sadly it's ready for foreclosure and my wife intended to use the money to save our home. my mother-in-law won't discuss sharing the money. what do i do? >> it's called the law of intest tate. the law decides how the money goes. if you only have a spouse, usually it will go to the spouse only. if there are kids, then there
5:21 am
will be a split. but here the house evidently went to the husband, but the bank accounts, separate, went to the mother. the mother doesn't have to give you the money. send her some roses and chocolate for valentine's day and hope for the best. meanwhile, don't pay a lawyer. >> steve: okay. good advice. look at this. very nice, mr. tv lawyer. if you've got a question, send peter your questions. the address is e-mailpeter at >> the segment is, so sue me. [ laughter ] have a great weekend. >> steve: thank you very much. coming up, another massive million dollars ponzi scheme and two giant celebrities are smacked in the center of it. a school stops to give a rock star welcome to a waiter. wait until you hear what did he to deserve that lovement best story you'll hear all friday [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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5:25 am
>> gretchen: each friday this month we're teaming up with the ales apprentice program to pie highlight black heritage month. hair husband faulkner is here. >> should we tell everybody we dance to that tune when it plays? it's got a good snap. >> gretchen: who are we going to meet? >> gail harris. she grew up right across the river from us here in midtown manhattan on the toughest streets of newark, new jersey. her parents taught her early on that if she could dream it, she could make it happen.
5:26 am
so when she wanted to become an intelligence officer in the navy, something that had never been done by a woman, much less by a woman of color, the navy never knew what hit it. >> this is where i spent the first 14 years of my life. i lived in a neighborhood that was poor, but everybody had both parents and a father were anything that you would think a child raised in the suburbs did, we did in the city of newark, new jersey. i had the greatest parents in the world. james and lina harris. my mother was my spiritual advisor and she made sure that my brother, sister and i went to church every sunday and said i don't care what you end up believing as an adult, but you're going to go to sunday school 'til you're 21 as long as you're living with me. >> rick: her parents encouraged her to step out and take risks. never letting the color of her skin limit her possibilities. >> the easiest way to think about it is my parents were my
5:27 am
seconds. i jump into the ring of life, get knocked down, they drag me back. clean up the blood, whisper philosophy in my ear and push me back into the game. when i was a little girl when it was raining, i would sit on our back porch and to me, these were mountains and i would sing from the sound of music, "climb every mountain" and knowing these were my mountains that i had to overcome to achieve my dream. that's kind how have i looked at it. >> growing up she loved to watch movies with her dad. when she was only five, the saturday night movie just happened to be "wing and a prayer," starring the late donna meacham. >> stepped out of the aircraft carrier and during one scene, the character actor gave an intelligence briefing. >> our heavy ships are hopelessly outnumbered. >> i didn't know that was what it was, but i turned to my father and i said, that's what i want to do when i grow up. he said, this is america. you can be whatever you want to
5:28 am
be. and i just believed that i was given a glimpse of my future. i didn't know it then, but it was such an inner knowing that that was what i was going to do. >> after college, gail would get her chance. but the navy wasn't so accommodating at first. the only woman to graduate from her intelligence class, she needed to figure out a way to quickly win the room. >> the class advisor, navy lieutenant, was going around asking the men in the class what type of squadron did they want to go to. some said fighter bomber. he kept ignoring me. so i was like, hey, what about me? he looked at me and he said, i don't believe you belong in the navy, let alone an aviation squadron. i always had a good sense of humor. so i said, you can say whatever you want, but everybody knows that black people are superior sexually. and the guys in the class laughing so hard they nearly fell out of their chair. that broke the ice. >> that sense of humor would save her time and time again. but it was her fierce intelligence that won her the
5:29 am
respect from her peers. >> oftentimes the people who had the biggest resistance to me before i showed up became my biggest supporters. i tell you, when i'm sitting there giving an intelligence brief to people who are going to go in harm's way, they didn't care what color i was or if i was attractive or if i was fat, if my uniform didn't look right. they cared about what came out of my mouth. >> locked in a cold war with russia for most of her career action the information gail deciphered often meant the difference between life and death, war and peace. >> i think the military is a calling. it is a calling as corny as it sounds, that you want to protect the nation and my attitude is i may not agree with what you say or your political views, but i will defend with my life your right to say it. >> when she retired after 28 years of service, she was the highest ranking woman in the u.s. navy.
5:30 am
>> to me, nothing is impossible. your dream is waiting for you to come true. what i always say to people, that deep seeded thing that you have that you'd like to do but you think impossible, that's the glimpse of your future. i think what i would like for my legacy to be, one team, one fight. in the workplace, one team, one fight. it doesn't matter if a co-worker is purple. if they can do the job, they're on the team and they're your teammate, we give them that respect. when you look at me and you see a black woman, then you still got work to do. but if you look at me in this setting and just see a woman, then you're where you need to be. i think we're getting there. i think we're getting there. >> one team, one fight.
5:31 am
i love that. a special thank you to the intrepid museum for letting us film some of the captains you saw in that piece. we could all use some of her gumption. so you can catch her blogging on the foreign policy association web site. she has a book out called "a woman's war, reaching out it young people looking for a career in intelligence." next friday i'll be right back here with gretchen on the curvy couch with a story of colonel guy blueford, first african-american in space. he's always believed anything is possible and has shown the world he has the right stuff. it's part of the american history we all share. >> gretchen: what i love about the stories is you see from the very beginning early on in their lives that they know what they want to do and how they're going to get there and sometimes it's a rocky road, but they get there. >> i loved just her glimpse of making the impossible happen. not listening to those outside voices that sometimes can put
5:32 am
doubt in their mind. >> gretchen: everyone can relate to that. see you next week. >> thanks. >> gretchen: the president says he doesn't have a spending problem, but take a look at this brand-new fox poll. the american people don't agree with that. we'll analyze it. then hackers going after brian's new bud oh, alec baldwin. the actor, the latest victim of an internet scam. right back [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
5:33 am
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5:36 am
visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> steve: we have a fox news alert for you. thousands of police officers pulling out all of the stops this hour as they try to find a form cop turned suspected killer. some of them going door to door telling people to stay in their houses. this as a snow storm is hindering the manhunt. william lajeunesse has the latest from lapd headquarters. william, it's not going to snow where you are, but out in the mountains where he ditched the truck, that's the problem. >> yeah. that's the question, steve. did he get off big bear mountain yesterday before police closed in or is he hiding up there in some vacation cabin? we done know. what we do know is he is well trained and well armed. he's ex-naval intelligence and l.a. p. he knows not to use his credit card or cell phone. the question is, where and when
5:37 am
will he surface? the latest is this, as you said, heavy weather moving in to big bear mountain. the ski resort east of los angeles where he dumped his nissan truck yesterday. we have about 120 state federal, local cops up there going door to door, spending the last 18 hours on foot. helicopter, looking for this guy. so far no sign of the suspect. >> i can't tell you whether he's here 'cause i don't know at this point. but we're assuming that he's still in the area because we're continuing to look. until we find some other information, we'll continue our search. >> now, according it his own manifesto, dorner is out for revenge. a week ago today he was discharged from the neville reserve after being passed over for promotion twice. two days later he killed monica kwan and her fiance, the daughter of an ex-cop who he blamed for some of his troubles. tuesday he checked into a hotel in san diego. wednesday he tied up an old man and tried to steal his 47-foot
5:38 am
boat. thursday, he got in a shootout with lapd, who is guarding one of his potential victims. he also shot and disabled their car. 30 minutes later he had ambushed two riverside cops, killing one. then yesterday he did dump his own truck and set fire to it, apparently deliberately. in all likelihood as a diversion, steve. so why is -- what is his motivation? at this point we do know this, in 2007 he was training with another officer and he was going to write him up for bad performance and as retaliation, he claimed falsely that she kicked a suspect who was handcuffed, if you will. he appealed to the board. it was rejected. several times. he lost in the appeals process, also in superior court for wrongful termination. he lost there as well. so the point is this, here is this guy, he knows what he's doing. and they have no idea where he's going to surface. but this that manifesto, he
5:39 am
basically declared war on lapd. that's why this is very well guarded. snipers on the roof. they're watching officers who he has targeted in the manifesto. steve. >> steve: william lajeunesse live in l.a. where the sun will be up in about an hour and the manhunt continues. >> brian: thank you very much. it's just so amazing, one thing about california is, los angeles, you're in the city, 75 degrees. in 45 minutes, you're in the snow. >> gretchen: speak of snow. >> brian: i just walked by an open door before, it's started. the storm has started. the snow is falling in the northeast and new england are bracing for this blizzard. by the time it's over action some areas could see up to two feet of snow. the monster storm already causing headaches at airports where close to 3,000 flights have been canceled. anna kooiman is helping us track the storm in new york with the latest. >> good morning to you. some estimates are even saying up to three feet of snow in some
5:40 am
places. residents across the northeast and transportation officials, emergency crews are all preparing for the biggest snow storm of the season. it's expected to cause whiteout conditions and widespread power outages. school officials have crossed new england and upstate new york, they aren't taking chances and canceling classes and also urging people to stay home. amtrak is suspending services between boston to new york this afternoon in anticipation of worsening condssachusetts is exo take the brunt of the potentially record setting storm. people in the path of that storm also taking precautions, stocking up on food, water, batteries and medications, as well as topping off their gas tank. >> another vehicle to go and get and we'll gas that one up and go home and cuddle in and get to know each other again. >> also a concern along the coast line, especially in areas more vulnerable to high winds, waves rather, since they are still cleaning up following super storm sandy.
5:41 am
brian, steve and gretchen, weather forecasters are predicting that the heaviest stuff is going to start coming down tonight and into tomorrow. right now it's kind of a nasty wintery mix. back to you. >> steve: but it's coming. >> gretchen: thanks much for that update. we're all bracing for the worst of it, unfortunately. let's talk a little bit about what you think with regard to spending in this country. president obama has said that the government does not is a spending problem, but we had this fox news poll and here is what you said. 83% of you said yes, our country does have a spending problem. 14% said no, it does not. >> steve: also we asked you in this brand-new fox news poll that's come out in the last day or so, what's more likely to strengthen the u.s. economy? cutting government spending. as you can see, 73% of you think that the cut -- you cut the government spending, that will strengthen the economy. 53% say if we spend more, that's better. 7% said just leave things as they are.
5:42 am
status quo. we'll be fine. good luck. >> brian: you asked the country today compared to five years ago, what's better? 55% say we're weaker now. 24% say we're stronger. and 27% say the same as before. >> steve: i heard, i think it was ed henry had a report from the white house where he was talking about how the government is forecasting that we're kind of going to be at this level of intensity regarding our economy until 2017. >> gretchen: yikes. >> brian: just depressed me. >> gretchen: coming up next, an entire school stops and gives a rock star welcome to a waiter. wait until you hear what he did to defend a child with down syndrome. the best story you'll hear all day. >> brian: home prices are about to spike. but there are some secrets the real estate agents will not tell you. so we'll tell you those stories and you just deny you heard them from us. okay? don't get us in trouble
5:43 am
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>> gretchen: quick headlines. 44 minutes past the top of the hour. look at the show put on by special needs student in houston for one heroic waiter. he refused to serve a man who bad mouthed a child with down syndrome. well, when the boy's classmates heard that story, they threw him a celebration at their school. that's fantastic. brian's new buddy, alec baldwin falling victim to on-line hackers? someone hacked his twitter account. baldwin far from thrilled. he tweeted, ignore that last body fat tweet. hacked again. alec is tweeting away again, though. >> brian: listen, it was not me. but i am following him now. >> gretchen: you are still trying to be friends? >> brian: no, i'm make the
5:47 am
effort. >> steve: cyber stalking, brian. >> gretchen: remember he said you only come up in his family every 15 years. >> brian: which means starting then? i'm inside 14 now. >> steve: congratulations. >> brian: the housing market is about to enter its busiest season, called spring. home prices are increasing across the country. in fact, prices already going up. over 11% nationally since last year. so if you're looking to buy a home, is there any way you can still find a bargain price at today's market? somebody else read. >> steve: let's ask real estate expert and author of "before you buy," michael corbett who joinses from l.a., good to have you back. >> good morning, everybody. >> steve: you say this is a perfect storm essentially on time to buy a house because even though demand is going up a little bit, prices are still down from their historic highs, and interest rates are pretty low. >> absolutely. it really is still a great time to buy. prices are going up, but definitely there are bargains out there.
5:48 am
that's why i have actually three tips for you to help find that kind of hidden bargain in your neighborhood. >> gretchen: so tip number one is look for a home with a battered history. what does that mean? >> yes. a battered market history, mean ago home that's been on the market for of 60 days or more. by that time, the home seller is realizing he's not going to get that big right off the bat full price offer and multiple offers. he's much more willing to bargain. number two, you want to look for a house that has had numerous price reductions. it's easy to find out now adays because you can go on-line. go to trullia and actually look and see how many price reductions there have been. >> brian: what was that? >> not just that the price is lower, it also tells you that that home seller is ready to bargain. >> steve: the web site was trullia? >> absolutely. >> steve: at zillow and things like that. what you're saying is if you see that they knocked it down another 20,000 or 15,000, that
5:49 am
suggests the owner is ready to be monty hall and do wheeling and dealing, right? >> absolutely. it means they're getting anxious and chasing the market, as we call it. but the third and probably biggest indicator of knowing you can get a bargain here is look for homes that have actually been in escrow or under contract and fallen out because that home seller has tasted the sale and it got away from him. so he'll be more anxious to bargain with you. those are really good ways to sort of get in there and find that bargain. >> brian: let's talk about the deal of the week. where do you have us? >> my deal of the week right now is in stockbridge, georgia. this house, unbelievable. $149,000, six bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, big open floor plan. all hardwood floors. this is a really wonderful home. you know what your mortgage payment would be on this? only $688 a month.
5:50 am
that's about $100 a bedroom a month. >> brian: you live next to a highway? >> no. this is in a really beautiful community. this is on a cul-de-sac in a really wonderful area with lots of green belt around it. >> steve: looking on the map and it looks like it's to the south and east of atlanta, georgia. >> atlanta. >> gretchen: thanks so much. we'll see you soon. >> steve: next on the rundown today, public trust and the government is at an all-time low. so when did it start? which president is to blame? that answer coming up next. >> gretchen: first let's check in with alisyn camerota for what's coming up at the top of the hour. that's a surprise to see you there. good morning n yes, i'm up here hiding from steve and brian. >> gretchen: okay. >> we'll all be on tomorrow. meanwhile, coming up on "america's newsroom," the latest on the blizzard. plus the door to door manhunt
5:51 am
continues for that former l.a. cop wanted for vendetta killings. we will talk to one of the people named in the suspect's manifesto. all that coming up in ten minutes. see you then.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> brian: how much do you trust you government in turns out the public's confidence level has plummeted. the question now, can that be recovered? let's ask former senator over in indiana, evan bayh. i was shocked to see where we're at as we look at this graph together. look what the public trust was for past presidents dating back to 1958 with eisenhower, early on. it was sky high. 80% of the country trusted government. now look where we are as we watch the cardiogram and it
5:55 am
looks like we're ready to float line. what happened? >> i think a couple of things. first back in the day during president eisenhower's time, wet outside threats to the country. global communism at that point in time, which brought americans together. secondly back then the government used to actually work under eisenhower, we built the interstate highway system, we did big things in this country. today following 9-11, the feeling of patriotism following the attack waned a little bit. and the government is not doing anything. it's broken, as you pointed out earlier on the show, the debt continues to go up. congress is not working to grow the economy, get health care costs down. people look at washington and just throw their hands up and say, they're just ineffective, they're not doing the job. >> brian: therefore they lose faith. for example, we did a fox poll. we said did president obama tell truth about not raising taxes on the middle class? 43% said yes. 49% said no. one of the things that happened is just even if you walk the halls here, the payroll tax. that payroll tax holiday
5:56 am
evaporated, everybody felt that. >> that's right. if you pay federal taxes, your payroll tax did go up. so that sent mixed messages to be sure. most of the tax increases were in the top bracket, but every paid the payroll tax. that's just one example. trust in government is at an all-time low and really the only way to get it back, god forbid we should have another outside threat. nobody wants that. hopefully the economy will get better. that should make people feel better about everything, including the government. but most of all, they've got to start getting the job done and that means getting the deficit down and creating some certainty for business so that they feel comfortable hiring and investing again and really getting the economy moving. >> brian: i'll give you an example. i was shocked to see so many people feel he's killing al-awlaki with drones in yemen. what if the president of the united states gives the green light to take out a pick pocket or someone of his political enemies. that's some of the buzz that goes on. how do you get rid of that?
5:57 am
>> there have always been conspiracy theories. going back to the founding of the republic, but i think the main thing is, brian, to focus on those things that resonate with people in their daily lives. as i mentioned, job security and growing the economy, getting the deficit down. the country is still heading to an unsustainable debt situation. the cost of college, the cost of health care. those basic bread and butter issues that the government starts tackling those, i think these conspiracy theories will have a lot less traction. >> brian: you believe the middle is the place to get the country back, don't you? >> there is no question about it. right now the process is dominated by the two extremes. i think it's only when what i would call the radical middle, people are fed up and say, look, we just want practical solutions, when they stand up and start holding our elected officials accountable, then perhaps it will start work a little better once again. >> brian: all right. senator, always great to see you. have a great weekend and road luck shoveling -- good luck shoveling. >> take care. >> brian: back in a couple of
5:58 am
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